Excel with (,) as Decimal Separator (Cont. EU)

Opening the Enforcer CSV files with Excel in Continental Europe is slightly more problematic due to the difference in the decimal point character. However, there are several ways to go about this, non very complex.

If opening multiple files the recommended way is to change the Excel separators to suit the formatting of the file:

  1. Go into the File menu and click Options;
  2. Select Advanced from the left and uncheck the Use system separators check box;
  3. Use full-stop (.) as decimal separator and comma (,) as thousands separator;
  4. Then you can proceed as with the (.) separator settings as described here;

However, if you are only importing a single file or a few files and you don't want to change Excel's separators then you can simple replace the (,) for (;) and (.) for (,).

  1. Open the .csv file in Excel, it will all be in a single column, A;
  2. Select column A and press crl+H (or goto Find and Select and press Replace...);
  3. Find (,) and replace with (;) and press Replace all. Then find (.) and replace with (,) and press replace all;
  4. Goto the Data tab and press Text to Columns;
  5. Select Delimited and press Next;
  6. Check Semicolon (;) and press Finish;
  7. Now the data should be in column A and B;
  8. Select both columns and click Insert and select Scatter and select the type of scatter you want;
  9. A graph of the data should be displayed;